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Work Safety Health Pitch


Workplace Safety and Health Council


Merkle B2B Singapore

Executive Creative Director

Theophilues Tan



Art Director

Cassandra Lim

Sahiran Hamid

Now in its fourth year, “Take time to take care” has been an ongoing rally cry for WSHC Singapore, where we remind people that they need to take a moment to care for their health and safety.

How do we evolve the campaign this year, into something that could potentially change the behaviour of the Singaporean workforce, in a way that could also affect their attitude towards safety?

The solution

We create a national campaign that reminds people that “Take Time to Take Care” isn’t just for a moment, but rather it’s a way of life that will go some way towards getting people to change their behaviours.

Designed as a multi-pronged campaign led by a giant activation, where communications are designed to drive towards our core objective, it’s an opportunity for every person within the Singapore workforce to understand, be educated about, and live a life where their safety and health is at the top of mind.


When you take care of your virtual self,

you take care of your real self



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